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For the New Moors – The draw that will change the world!

This is my draw as revealed to my by Allah via the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. It is for all those who truly desire the divine truth! TRULY! Just the mere knowing of this information will raise ones DNA, so one should be ready!

If you are a member of the Moorish Science Temple of America, this is for you! As members, “faithful members” you will understand this light.  Just request your copy here and I will get in touch with you.



The Smallest Seed – The Creation of Creation

Applying Principles of the Laws of Nature;



Development in the Cycle of a Year


If we are a product of nature, then we must start applying the principles of nature to our lives. Our life is a succession of growth and expansion. Nothing stands still. The experience of our life ought unfold just as it does in nature. We enter into a realm of discovery as a result of the planting of seeds, we watch them grow, prune them, reap the rewards, uproot the weeds, (if not they will choke the root and stifle development.)


Then we begin the process again, planting new seeds. All of these phases are carefully manifested in a time-frame of “3”. 6, 9, and 12. But you must stick with the ideas, which are rooted in your thought and you must stay focused on your plan. This is a blueprint of events, whether it is in 3 seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, or years, etc.—they all represent degrees of movement. At the beginning of the year, in the Spring, plant your Seeds. Spring forth that which is inside you, the new ideas and plans. Plant them firmly, by simply thinking them out. The thought is the root. You can write them down and read them to yourself as necessary. By the time Summer comes, these ideas will show some manifestation. They must, all ideas take flight, all thought has weight and here is where they will begin to play themselves out, they will begin to show their foliage.


By Fall, you will see what needs to be altered, pruned. This is the 180º reflection (6 months later) of your ideas. That which is opposing will be exposed. Assess your plan, get rid of anything that is not working. This is the season of death and regeneration. That which needs to be eliminated or adjusted, fine-tuned or disciplined will take place here.


By the time Winter comes, you will have reaped all there is to have reaped from your ideas—your crop. Things will be dormant. Yet your ideas will show their usefulness and ability to maintain during these dormant months. You will be left with the seedlings, still in place and they will show their expansion to you by winters end, that which is sustainable will be fertilized in the winter and will return with the springing forth of

all life (ideas) which have been planted in the womb of your mind. The cycle begins again, the plant bears its fruits. You will have the space and fertility to seed again and expand on the fruits of your mind.


All things begin with the Seed—the Thought—Think Well.


By applying the principles of nature, to our lives, we begin to take control and responsibility of our lives. We claim all things that manifest in our lives. We blame no one other than ourselves for the lack of our own gardening techniques. Be careful what you say, it is a thought that has weight, takes up space and will play itself out. And think not that if you think it, but not speak it, that it does not exist, because it does.


This is the Order:

First you think it,

Then you speak it (the word)

Then the deed is done.

When you write it, you have

sealed it with a spell (spelling)

(The Seals of Solomon-The Seals of the Soul-of-Man)

And it is surely done with precision.

The power is in your thought—in your mind.

The power is manifested in the word.

The power is sealed in a physical sense with the Pen.


Mind Is Over Matter:

Your Mind is your Haven (Heaven)

You make your own Heaven and / or Hell

right here on Earth or wherever you may be (Being).

The power is the Energies of the All. The Ebb and Flow is the Nature of the Energy:

The negative or receiving (ebb) of taking in, harnessing of; and the Positive (flow) of Action or putting forth of. The Method(s) are the manner in which you utilize the powerful Energy.


1. Initiating into something new,

2. Immersing in it, or

3. Flexing the energy in a different direction. The Laws of Nature is the guide to being in harmony with the Energies that exist all around you. They will continue to exist in spite of you. Make your life useful and productive, less you will be pruned, uprooted and disposed of— Your mental faculties will be shut down.