The vile creature

His Especial Sovereign

Doth deign to sendeth greeting to:

A Vile Creature


Greetings, JUDGE JOHN DOE, bloodsucker, fool & thief:


Read now, the words of :q-sirius: ra-el, (without doubt) His Especial Sovereign, one who earneth his living & approves not of bloodsuckerism, foolishness or thievism.  He approves not, that is, of thee.

It hath cometh to His Especial Sovereign’s attention that thou aret up to no good; viz., that thou art a dunderhead for this false process can do thee no good; for, upon its face, it doth not bear the mark of a judge, nor doth it show the name of a private person who doth complaine of a wrong, nor also, doth it complaine of a wrong, nor, alas, doth it complaine of the commission of a crime – unless refusal to support a society of beasts, brutes & vile creatures be a crime.  These faults, either of them, do make thy process false & therefore, whatsoever information is gained by it, can, in no way appear in any court proceedings.

It is thus that His Especial Sovereign supports His charge that thou art a fool, that thou behavior art worthy of a monkey.  And since thou art a fool, His Especial Sovereign is greatly confident thou wilt cause court action in which He may prove, beyond a scintilla of doubt, His other two contentions: that thou art a bloodsucker & thief.

let thee be advised, therefore, that deep within the bosom of His Especial Sovereign, there doth lurk feelings of great animosity toward these ego substitutes of putrid creatures; & they can be purged not without the destruction of those that thrive & prosper upon bloodshed, stupidity & sores.  Farewell, JUDGE JOHN DOE, v.c.


From the Quill of

: q-sirius: ra-el, H.E.S.




Fiat justitia ruat caelum.


For I am a Moor, a Son of god and today I converse to you through these writings as a matter of my will to do so. For the time is at hand. Derativa potestas non potest esse major primitiva.

For thou art only capable of an existence on paper being a fiction at law, a lower God who has made itself tangible in the minds of men and have them breathing life into ink (thou shalt have no other gods before me) there fore causing them to work outside of their ancestrial existence with the father who art in heaven to worship for you as their redeemer, is the measure of ones fall from grace. For thou canst worship more than one god least you will love the one and hate the other. For the redeemer of the artificial is always the father who authored its existence with thy stroke of thee pin, who has come quickly before thee this day with judgment. For I and the father are one. For the fiction was allowed to live a short time only for man to measure oneself, and the time is at hand for the soul holding this paper to measure itself as its day of judgment has arrived. How low have ye fallen from thy seat in heaven to inhabit thy seat in hell which carries the most debt. For thy father sees thy sins of his children and visits them quickly, Cujus est solum, ejus est usque ad caelum, behold, he cometh with clouds and all eyes shall see, thy judgment in hand.

For I have claim against thee and have set forth my actions to the arrest of thee bond. For as I am a Noble Moor, a Son of god, I charge thee with aggression and oppression in thine action of fiction against this sovereign Moor that I am, forced by threat to leave my county property held in trust by Yashua, in the stewardship by me, a Moor, a Son of god, by gun slinging de facto officers at your command. This blackmarket trade operation is to cease, like Yeshua overturning the tables of the money changers.

Actio exteriora indicant interiora secreta. Aliud est celare, aliud tacere. A verbis legis non est recedendum. Actor qui contra regulam quid adduxit, non est audiendus. Augupia verforum sunt judice indigna. Bonum judex secundum aequum et bonum judicat, et aequitatem stricto juri praefert. Commodum ex injuriƒ suƒ non habere debet. Cujus est commodum ejus debet esse incommodum. Culpa paena par esto. Debet qui juri subjacere ubi delinquit. Domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium. Consentientes et agentes pari poenƒ plectentur. Consensus tollit errorem. Constructio contra rationem introducta, potius usurpatio quam consuetudo appellari debet. Factum … judice quod ad ujus officium non spectat, non ratum est. Ei nihil turpe, cui nihil satis. Judicium … non suo judice datum nullius est momenti. Est autem vis legem simulans. Dormiunt aliquando leges, nunquam moriuntur. Hominum caus… jus constitutum est. Fraus est celare fraudem. Fortior est custodia legis quam hominis. Fiat justitia ruat caelum. Furiosus solo furore punitur. Cum adsunt testimonia rerum quid opus est verbis. Factum negantis nulla probatio. Disparata non debent jungi. Donatio perficitur possesione accipientis.

In omni re nascitur res qua ipsam rem exterminat. Interest reipublicae ne maleficia remaneant impunita. Nihil quod est contra rationem est licitum. Nihil possumus contra veritatem.

Non decipitur qui scit se decipi.


These copies here in are for your viewing pleasure and noting of their facts only. It is ordered that this fiction judge clear the way for the entry of thine castle without delay and never visit this assembly again as no authorization is given for the appointment nor the assembly. For I, a Moor, a Son of god, uninsurable, sovereign without subjects god of the soil, holding the office of the people in the capacity of county Magistratus for the judicial-district of tens, bid you good day.


The power which is derived cannot be greater than that from which it is derived.

He who owns the soil, owns up to the sky.

External actions show internal secrets.

To conceal is one thing, to be silent another.

From the words of the law there must be no departure.

He ought not to be heard who advances a proposition contrary to the rules of law.

A twisting of language is unworthy of a judge

A good judge decides according to justice and right, and prefers equity to strict law.

 No man ought to derive any benefit of his own wrong.

He who receives the benefit should also bear the disadvantage.

Let the punishment be proportioned to the crime.

When the proofs of facts are present, what need is there of words.

Unequal things ought not to be joined.

Those consenting and those perpetrating are embraced in the same punishment.

                Consent removes or obviates a mistake.

                A custom introduced against reason ought rather to be called an usurpation than a custom.

                An act of a judge which does not relate to his office, is of no force.

                To whom nothing is base, nothing is sufficient.

                A judgment given by an improper judge is of no moment.

Violence may also put on the mask of law.

                The laws sometimes sleep, but never die.

Law is established for the benefit of man.

It is a fraud to conceal a fraud

The custody of the law is stronger than that of man.

Let justice be done, though the heavens should fall.

                A madman is punished by his madness alone.

                Every one ought to be subject to the law of the place where he offends.

                Negative facts are not proof.

                Every man’s house is his castle.

A gift is rendered complete by the possession of the receiver.

In everything, the thing is born which destroys the thing itself.

It concerns the commonwealth that crimes do not remain unpunished.

Nothing against reason is lawful.

We can do nothing against truth.


He is not deceived who know himself to be deceived.


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