Traffic Tickets

This is what I have done

These are always Offers to Contract. There are Three (3) days for rejecting this Offer of Contract, under the Federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA), and returning their contract—torn in half—back to the Municipal Court Collection Plate.


If I have waited past the 3 days, I must call and set a court date. Then, put an Affidavit into the court record, attached to the ticket. The ticket would have my rejection written across it. The Affidavit would be about the Policeman: i.e. he/she did not have a Contract with me for stopping me and violating my Right to Travel and my Right to Privacy, the Policeman did not have a license to practice Law, and was committing a Commercial Crime. I would show up on the day of the hearing, and the Policeman would not dare show up.

This principal applies to each and all CONTRACTS with the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and all of the UNINCORPORATED PARTS OF THIS SCHEME:

1.            I wrote across the CONTRACT OFFER the following: Your offer to CONTRACT is hereby rejected and returned to you unsigned; in full accord with Federal Truth in Lending Act. Any further correspondence from the signer of the document and heirs, agents or assigns; must be done under the Penalty of Perjury. If you are representing me, or assume that you represent me, you are FIRED!

2.            Any further correspondence which is not signed under Penalty of Perjury, concerning #1, I returned and answered the same way.



  1. Jah Polo said,

    September 17, 2009 at 11:15 am

    Greetings Q, Pray all is well with the I. I got a simple question for the I. If I got a parking ticket your saying all I have to do is rip the ticket in half and mail it back to them before three days? Do I have to write anything on the ticket that is ripped in half? If I do this am I not risking getting the vehicle towed. How sure is this practice Iya?

    Jah Love & Blessings
    Jah Polo/Jah! Fellowship/JahJahlah Records

    • livethelovelife said,

      September 17, 2009 at 2:34 pm

      Bless,,, This is what I have done for years…. I wrote on the ticket what I said I wrote then tore it in half and sent it back. TILA is a law! I have complied with the law and no other action has been taken by them… If they were to, they would be breaking the law.

      I know these matters seem to be hard to believe that a remedy is so simple, but it is man who makes things difficult. Free up the mind Iya, research TILA – Truth In Lending Act so you feel comfortable in the knowing as well.
      Jah Bless up the Noble Fam

  2. Shelly said,

    September 1, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    Thank you for this information. It is good!

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